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GuavaBamboo™ Crystal Necklace

GuavaBamboo™ Crystal Necklace

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With this cool piece of jewelry, you can easily carry your favorite crystals or gemstones, securely with you. You can choose something new every day and customize the pendant to match your mood. It's not just a great gift for your friends. Whether round, oval, or rough stone, the small net adapts perfectly and is securely held together with the upper ring.




A treasure enveloped in a gold or silver coating, our Crystal Holder Necklace provides an exquisite setting for your most precious gemstones and crystals. Make any day ideal with a crystal from your collection. No other necklace can fit crystals in this form adjusting way.  If you value craftsmanship and want to give your gems a secure place, this necklace is perfect for you.


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