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Natural Eco Friendly Beard Comb Kit

Natural Eco Friendly Beard Comb Kit

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Does your beard look like dog's ears in the wind? Do you want to have a perfect beard? We assure you that you will radiate handsomeness!

This product is positioned as the best beard comb because it is made with boar bristles for easy maintenance and grooming, giving you resistance, durability, quality, and softness when brushing your beard, in addition, it includes a double wooden comb that you can use not only to comb your beard but also your mustache and even your hair. Our wooden beard comb allows you to remove residue, dandruff and works for all types of hair.


  • Extremely durable and fine craftsmanship

  • Smooths and styles hair easily.

  • Compact size.

  • Eliminates dandruff.

  • The bristols have great massaging strength

  • Works for all beard styles.


  • Material: Wood.

  • Weight: 95g / pc.

  • Brush size: 11.5 x 5.5cm.

  • Comb size: 5.6 x 9.8cm.

Package contains:

1x Brush.

1x Comb.

1x Bag.

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