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How many different layers are in the mat?

While many other knock-offs are made from a thin layer of diatomaceous earth and foam with PVC fillers, ours are made of pure solid diatomaceous earth only. Nothing else. That is why our mats are solid and not flexible and can absorb six showers worth of water while others may be "full "after a few drops.

How do I clean my mat?

Rinse it under the shower. If you have a tooth paste or other stain: We provide a sand paper pad that comes with your mat. This works well and lasts for years.

My floor is un even. Will the mat break if I jump on it?

We provide a rubber pad that adjusts for uneven floor.

This distributes the weight in 99.9 % of floors.

If you have an extremely uneven floor you may order an additional rubber pad layer. We will send this for free if you pay shipping. We never had anyone need it however.

Where does the moisture go?

In to the hollow spaces in the mat. Then it evaporates through the surface of the mat.

If it is diatomaceous earth can I eat my mat?

Food grade uses for Diatomaceous Earth are vast, thanks to its wide variety of unique properties.Up close, it looks like cylinders or honeycombs with holes. Diatomaceous Earth is known to have a negative charge - this means that, when passed through the body, it attracts, absorbs and traps bacteria with a positive charge, such as fungi, parasites and heavy metals. The good bacteria generally have a negative or neutral charge, so are left behind. Diatomaceous Earth is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasitic. But do not eat you mat!